Talk at Miniclick, Brighton / by Lucia Pizzani

On Monday the 27th of March I'll be giving a talk about my photographic work invited by Miniclick, next to Dafna Talmor and Esme Horne.

"Throughout photographic publications, degree shows and exhibitions we are seeing a growing leaning towards the abstract within contemporary photography. Hand in hand with this movement is a growing interest in vintage and analogue techniques, as if practitioners are looking backwards in order to explore new ground with the medium. Dafna Talmor, Lucia Pizzani and Esme Horne all in their own way explore the innovative and experimental techniques that are beginning to shape this field." said the post at the Miniclick website.

Monday 27th April. Doors at 6pm, kicks off at 7pm. Free Entry at The Old Market, Brighton. Free Entry.

I  mpronta Series (2013) Collodion wet plate photography o aluminium 

Impronta Series (2013) Collodion wet plate photography o aluminium