Hotshoe Photofusion 2014 Award / by Lucia Pizzani

As part of the Photofusion’s Salon/14, Miranda Gavin selected two joint winners for The Hotshoe Photofusion award 2014: Lucia Pizzani for her Impronta series and David Jacksonfor his film titled ‘This is Not My House‘.

"Lucia’s work investigates gender issues, by researching gender and culture throughout history she produces interpretations of such through a mix of performance and photographic craft. Pizzani produced the cocoon-like dresses for her models herself with fabric sourced here in Brixton, the then bandaged women are photographed in static and almost awkward positions, calling upon feelings of claustrophobia and restriction.

These works are part of a series of ferrotypes – a Victorian method of exposing collodion emulsified plates to light. The result of which is an almost surreal and aesthetically tactile photographic image." says the announcement of Photofusion. 

Gavin's words about the work were: 

Lucia Pizzani for her Impronta series 2013 of ink-jet prints derived from the wet-plate collodion process. The work is a hybrid of sculpture, performance and photography and engages with the idea of the chrysalis on a number of levels, including its physical form through the use of specially-made chrysalis costumes. This series of delicate and slightly bizarre black-and-white images recalls the style of 19th-century Victorian ethnographic portraiture and suggests women on the verge of emerging, as well as ideas of metamorphosis and transformation.