Exhibiting at Ch.ACO in Santiago de Chile with Cecilia Brunson Projects by Lucia Pizzani

This month I'll be showing the Sagrario Series with Cecilia Brunson Projects CBP at the Ch.ACO art fair in Santiago de Chile. The event takes place from September the 25 to the 27th at the Centro Cultural Estación Mapocho and it brings together 30 galleries and 10 alternative spaces from around the globe. 

At CBP the exhibiting artists will be: Lucia Pizzani, Sebastián Gordín, Cristián Silva, Rodrigo Galecio, Nicolás Sánchez and Robert Indiana. The public programme of Ch.ACO curated by Irene Abujatum includes speakers such as: Pablo Helguera, Damian Ortega, Pablo Leon de la Barra, Graciela Sacco and Paco Barragán among others.

The Sagrario Series, (2015) collodion wet plate photography on aluminium will be on view at Ch.ACO 2015, Chile 

The Sagrario Series, (2015) collodion wet plate photography on aluminium will be on view at Ch.ACO 2015, Chile 

Guest Artist at the Salon Jóvenes con FIA, Feria Iberoamericana de Caracas by Lucia Pizzani

Curated by Gerardo Zavarce with the collaboration of Lorena Gonzalez, this National Young Salon is held at the Centro de Arte Los Galpones from August 8th to September 8th, 2015.
Titled “Metáforas de la emergencia o las balsas de la Medusa” the invited artists for this edition are: Juan Toro Diez, Lucía Pizzani, Muu Blanco (AKA), Nayarí Castillo, Pietro Daprano and Teresa Mulet.

The participating artists are:  Álvaro Paz, Ana Alenso, Ana Cristina Vargas, Ana Navas, Beto Gutiérrez, Carlos Salazar Lermont, Conrado Pittari, Eduardo Vargas Rico, Erick Achang, Erika Ordosgoitti, Faride Mereb, Florencia Alvarado, Gala Garrido, HASE (AKA), Aire van Carmen, José Perozo Jotashock (AKA), Kelly Martínez, Lorena Orlando, Marcos Temoche, María Virginia Pineda, Marianna Rivas Maal, Max Provenzano, Miguel Braceli, Paul Parella, Rebeca Pérez Gerónimo, Sofía Simón, Valentina Alvarado, Violette Buléy and Yolanda Duarte.

This exhibition was supported by Banesco, Arts Conection, Centro de Arte Los galpones and Fundación Cisneros. 

Uidentified Women A & B, (2015) on show at the Salon Jóvenes con FIA, Caracas
Photo courtesy of Cecilia Brunson Project CBP

Bienal Internacional de Performance de Caracas by Lucia Pizzani

Showing "Nocturna" (2013) video piece at the Centro de Arte del Hatillo in Caracas, Venezuela as part of the first edition of the Bienal Internacional de Performance de Caracas BIPCA. Organised by Carlos Salazar Lermont & Erika Ordosgoitti it includes local artists plus special guests from Alemania, Polonia, and Argentina.

Some the artists are participating: 
Sandra Vivas, Rolando Peña, Carlos Zerpa, Nela Ochoa, Max Provenzano, Eliseo Solís Mora, Nelvis Acosta, Macjob Paravabis, Deborah Castillo, Eduardo Vargas Rico, Margie Valdez, Gala Garrido, Anna Rosa Rodríguez, Luis Arroyo, Viviana Labarca, Raúl Rodríguez, and Mery Esther Caballero, among others.
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Talk at Miniclick, Brighton by Lucia Pizzani

On Monday the 27th of March I'll be giving a talk about my photographic work invited by Miniclick, next to Dafna Talmor and Esme Horne.

"Throughout photographic publications, degree shows and exhibitions we are seeing a growing leaning towards the abstract within contemporary photography. Hand in hand with this movement is a growing interest in vintage and analogue techniques, as if practitioners are looking backwards in order to explore new ground with the medium. Dafna Talmor, Lucia Pizzani and Esme Horne all in their own way explore the innovative and experimental techniques that are beginning to shape this field." said the post at the Miniclick website.

Monday 27th April. Doors at 6pm, kicks off at 7pm. Free Entry at The Old Market, Brighton. Free Entry.

Impronta Series (2013) Collodion wet plate photography o aluminium 

Impronta Series (2013) Collodion wet plate photography o aluminium 

PanorÁmica: Venezuelan contemporary art book by Lucia Pizzani

Edited by curator Feliz Suazo in 2014, this publication intends to be a summary of artists and their work on the contemporary art scene in Venezuela from 2000 to 2012. The selection includes 60 artists and has 360 pages with 200 images of works. The book can be downloaded here

Hotshoe Photofusion 2014 Award by Lucia Pizzani

As part of the Photofusion’s Salon/14, Miranda Gavin selected two joint winners for The Hotshoe Photofusion award 2014: Lucia Pizzani for her Impronta series and David Jacksonfor his film titled ‘This is Not My House‘.

"Lucia’s work investigates gender issues, by researching gender and culture throughout history she produces interpretations of such through a mix of performance and photographic craft. Pizzani produced the cocoon-like dresses for her models herself with fabric sourced here in Brixton, the then bandaged women are photographed in static and almost awkward positions, calling upon feelings of claustrophobia and restriction.

These works are part of a series of ferrotypes – a Victorian method of exposing collodion emulsified plates to light. The result of which is an almost surreal and aesthetically tactile photographic image." says the announcement of Photofusion. 

Gavin's words about the work were: 

Lucia Pizzani for her Impronta series 2013 of ink-jet prints derived from the wet-plate collodion process. The work is a hybrid of sculpture, performance and photography and engages with the idea of the chrysalis on a number of levels, including its physical form through the use of specially-made chrysalis costumes. This series of delicate and slightly bizarre black-and-white images recalls the style of 19th-century Victorian ethnographic portraiture and suggests women on the verge of emerging, as well as ideas of metamorphosis and transformation.

Work acquired by ESCALA Essex Collection for Art from Latin America by Lucia Pizzani

The Impronta Series was exhibited both at Sala Mendoza (Caracas) and Beers Contemporary (London), and then at the Pinta Solo Projects curated by Kiki Massucchelli and Catherine Petitgas. It was there that the ESCALA curators encountered the works and decided to incorporate them into their amazing collection.

"We are very pleased to say we have acquired three works by Lucía Pizzani from her Impronta Series. 
Duo#1Duo#2 and Trio#2 are wet collodion photographs on aluminium plates that we first saw at Pinta London where Pizzani participated in Pinta Projects presented by Caracas-based Galería Oficina#1." says ESCALA on their website announcement.